Monday, November 27, 2006

PEA sale

on sunday, there was a lil food fare where the eurasians are given the chance to sell their food to earn a lil extra pocket money... so mum took the chance... she made plans for this a month earlier, doing her research on what food to sell, the prices and of course how much would her untung be! hahaha... at least she's keeping herself busy by doing things she likes...
mum took up about 4 tables for her lil stall where by the other ladies just took up 2 tables... they didn't really brought much to sell, i guess they were just "testing" the waters and were too scared to take the risk to sell and maybe have a loss... well it IS known that eurasians are not good businessmen.. hahahah.. i may be wrong.. (don't hate me)

mum and her food!

dad's first time manning a stall... he gets easily excited! hahah

so mum got someone to cook devils curry with rice and veg, got some friend beehoon, she made rojak, some indian vadek and tried selling her salt fish prada (using Aunty Bah's portugese recipie) and green chilly pickle... we were there early to set the tables and arrange the food and the ppl started to come in by 10am (after morning mass)....

all went well especially the Devil's curry and beehoon, though the rojak didn't do well as the fruits were getting all watery... mum managed to sell half of her pickle bottles... so hope ppl will taste it and would want to order more from her... it's nice i tell u....

there were others selling cakes and tarts and puffs... which were lovely too... we had a reporter from the News Straits Times taking pics of the food (i think i took better pics! heheh) and interviewed the VP of the PEA... we're just wondering which issue would mum's face appear.. hahahha... check it out!

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