Friday, November 03, 2006

we got 1st class!

hahah my dad, now since he's a pensioner, he's really making use of it. ever since he got a pensioners card, he's been trying his best to find cheaper prices, be it for movies, or at toll gates, or for travelling. and now it did work!
so for my train trip, my dad managed to get 1st class sleeping berth for two! and it comes with "refreshments" with a waiter! hahahah ... it seems, the original price for normal ppl would be RM162 but because of my dad's wonder card, he only paid RM62! not for each but for both of us, for the berth actually. so for RM162, i wondered will be as grand as the price? or will it be a let down? knowing it's a local KTM train.
train will leave at 9+pm something. am actually excited but nervous as well, what if i didn't get through the test? it'll be such a waste of time and well, my hopes to go to KL will dissapear... oh well, i'll go with what i have and just make the best of it....
gosh will be DEAD tired when i get home and get to work on sunday..... O_O

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