Sunday, November 19, 2006

stormy stormy night

it's been raining for the past nearly 2 weeks in the evening/night with thunderstorms and lightning and wind... places are in floods and things have been flying around....
here in LeNid (greenlane) the ciku tree has fallen.... that was what i was told by Anna.... it fell across the porch and if she wanted to go to the gate, she must bend down and go underneath the tree OR walk around the tree near the doghouse to get to the gate.... luckily it seemed it didn't hit the window of the dining room which is good and it was resting on the fence of the water tap in the garden
so i was abit excited.. wanted to get a pic of this fallen tree... soooo.... i went there after work to get some pics and what did i SEE???? it was just a BRANCH of the tree that fell.... the MAIN tree is still standing!! hahaha see how descriptions can cause? hahahahah... the branch that fell was as big as an arm.... long branch that fell across the porch.... though by the time i went there Anna had already cleared the leaves and twigs... just left the main on for my dad to saw/cut it....

see the Kelisa my dad got after he pensioned? it's parked infront of the main gate

KING, the dog of the house

ahahah after taking some pics, i took Anna out for banana leaf dinner.. i'm sure it's been a while since she had that ... and me too!! haven't been there for quite some time....

so... the episode of the ciku tree... hmmm i forgot to ask Anna if there were any edible ciku to eat... i'm sort of craving for ciku when i came back from KL... dunno why.... NO! i'm not pregnant! i'm having my period now... :P

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