Thursday, November 02, 2006

at a lil cafe

mum was helping someone out at a lil cafe type restaurant in the Bukit Mertajam Country Club... when i saw was means, she used to.. it seems....
she used to go everyday from 6 to 10pm cause there were more business for dinner and yet, it didn't do so well too. so the boss told my mum that she can come to help her (the boss) during the weekends and during functions like for 30+ ppl. so that was going well, until recently i was told that my mum will not have to go to help the boss cause the business was bad and the boss has no $$ to pay mum (even though the boss is a rich single-with-lots-of-dogs-in-the-house lay).
so looks like mum is stuck at home again... well it's good, at least i'll see her when i come back from work! :)

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